Innovative architecture or timeless tendency?

What innovations make an impulse for contemporary solutions? Innovations are both sources and results in an economic development.
They make a progress in technology (new building constructions & materials) but, simultaneously, are sometimes danger (new weapon, etc.). These modern technical solutions need some financial means and support for scientific research works and they implementation to the practice, mainly in new technologies market, so – which challenges needs an innovative respect?

All these contrary building constructions, like real estates at false (artificial) islands or skating rink construction in Dubai are, undoubtedly, a human imagination result in exceeding bounds of technical possibilities, but they are not a most important goal recently. An increase in energy consumption demand today, but parallel the necessity of CO2 emission reduction, point as most urgent to find pro-ecology, balanced technologies,
Innovative research works on new energy technologies, what improve a sustainable comfort of living (what is a timeless tendency) and taking a proper care by architects on aesthetic conditions of buildings structures at their environment, wildlife conservation & landscaping, are an urgent necessity of today.

New directions of development technologies point Solar energy which generate clean and renewable energy. Solar collectors market has been increased last twenty years and completely changed its technology. Instead a flat panel with water tubes – architects have got a flexible and transparent membranes within Solar PV-cells, and even they can expect an organic bio-batteries.
We, architects, can also apply new innovative techniques in interior – lighting technology as well, like exolite skylights, Solar light tubes or lamps, which can illuminate underground levels. All that innovative architecture brings a profit to investigators.

To draw a conclusion – innovative solutions are a consequence of a social comfort improvement and economic conditions, and as an answer the contemporary challenges, but aims of modern life come from our ancestors experiences and achieves as result of Time.
Both inspire the Science and provide to develop and enrich manufacturers, who support scientists by financial sources for innovations and inventions.

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